Hello September

It’s September again, my favorite time of year, crisp mornings and leaves crunching under my feet. My daughter and I both have September birthdays, she will be 2 this year. I can’t wait to spend days jumping in the leaves with her and going on nature walks. Most fall days you can catch me with a latte or hot coco either one warms my soul and I am totally obsessed

Why I love Fall so much and why September is my favorite month of the year!

Fall is an amazing time of year! Leaves changing colors right before your eyes. How  wonderful  that nature shows us how warm colors and crunchy leaves can be such a great thing! Crisp morning with that nip when you first go outside first thing in the morning. I always have a latte, coffee with me no matter the season but fall time is the very best time along with those bitter cold days in winter.  The sound of rustling leaves still left in the trees and crunching of leaves under my feet walking and just being in the yard is the most wonderful sound  to me. Sitting out and watching nature is something I love as the animals gather what they need to get through the winter, finding places to store their nuts and goodies. 

The air-filled with cinnamon, clove and  pumpkin spice everything. Yes I am one of those that loves pumpkin spice everything…. although there are a few things I will not try again. Baking apple pies and muffins of all sorts is a great way to spend a fall rainy day. Inside where is smells like home, cozy wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket on my couch while I either read or watch a movie with my kids. 

Camping in fall is always fun try it in your own yard too, build a fire and sleep n a tent, make sure to have an air mattress, at least for me I need padding. old futon mattress would work too. Bring all the pillow and blankets outside and just line the tent with them put up a string of lights, bring out the speaker and play some good old sing along songs around the fire. Gazing at the stars is another great thing you can do around the fire. Bring out the sleeping bags and lay them out on a clear night  and just looks up you will be in awe what our universe shows us when we are looking! Picnics are always fun too, before it gets too cold out. Take in all the changes nature has been making. As it gets closer to Halloween so something fun and scary haunted houses, hay rides, going to the pumpkin patch and picking out pumpkins to carve. Making a scarecrow could also be a great time! Decorate your home with all the fall things! The dollar store is a great place to start! What ever you may do to enjoy the fall, I hope you stay present and enjoy every bit of fall.


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