The man I lost way too soon…

This might just look like a bunch of junk…… well its not! These items have some much meaning behind them.. the wine bottles are ones that Chris drank, the 30th wine glass was from my 30th birthday that Me, Chris and Toni celebrated. The Twilight Woods is a bottle of cologne that I got Chris for Christmas the first year we were together. The Downtown Aquarium cup is from our first vacation together in Denver. The roses are from when a girl both me and Chris knew passed away, and we release a ballon and had candles on the year Anniversary of her passing, our friends Ashley Kimmen and Vanessa Lynn Ludeke were with us. I have pictures somewhere. The tall candles are from the night of the candle light vigil when Chris passed away. The coffee mug is one that I got when I bought Toni one that also said love bc I loved her more then she really knew. The angel figurines are just some that I had collected after Chris passed away I took comfort in them…. This box has been packed since November 2016, I wasn’t ready, I tried to un-pack it when i moved into where I’m living now and bawled everytime I even opened the box. Its been sitting in my living room for a few months now… still packed.. today I finally opened the box with out even one tear but instead a heavy and sad heart. Because I do miss him and with Kristianna turning two next Sunday, I really miss him. Always around her birthday I get this sadness in my heart for he should be here watching his children grow not just Kristianna but his 3 boys as well! I am proud of my self for finally unpacking this box.. literally is the last box I had to unpack.

The memories from that time in my life seem like an entire life time ago… coming up on 3 years doesn’t even seem possible!


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