It isn’t like finding yourself at all…..

woman facing back photo
Photo by Maria Tyutina on

I am Lost and know it isn’t like when finding yourself at all.

You know when you find yourself, the emotions running through your mind are so quick, so exciting, so wonderful because the longing to find it is now in your hands for you to touch and feel….

BUT STOP…go back to what it feels like losing yourself. . . Losing that love for yourself, the dignity you carry like a metal around your neck, the pride your wear on your sleeve, the love you felt in your heart like a warm mug of coffee. The darkness, pulling and tugging at you; it wants to go after your dreams because there is a such a fog, clouding your vision of what is truly clear. It happens so quickly you don’t even realize what is happening before you are already so deep into it, you are now blind to the reality around you, therefore losing yourself into a dark abyss. Tearing, clawing and fighting your way to get out to the safest place you know…


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